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What is it like working at 6waves?

We work hard. We play harder!
We have a fun and an open culture that encourage talents from different fields to work together.  We are in the gaming business so we believe in having an enjoyable environment at work but we are serious in bringing fun to our users and value to our partners.
International Culture
6waves hires people who are different - knowing and valuing how they could change the way we do business. This is how we have built a foundation of strong teamwork. The open exchange of information can have a positive impact; each individual in the company has a voice and innovative opportunities.
Working hard requires munchies! That's why our offices are always stocked with plenty of free snacks and drinks - including those in our kegerator.
Gamer Culture
6waves scours the earth to bring the most fun and exciting games to the game lovers. We have already had millions of monthly active players in out network and is continuing to grow daily.
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