From concept to monetization to iteration, our teams have world-class experience. We're specialists in social and mobile games publishing.

  • Human Resources, Finance & Legal

    We know how to create a fun work environment that truly reflects the gaming culture, pays the bills, and keeps people on schedule. We actively find top talent, and we treat our employees seriously. That's why 6waves is committed to identifying the most passionate and smartest individuals, and why we strive to keep them productive, fulfilled, and happy.
  • Engineering

    Technology is our passion and there's no shortage of it at 6waves. Our development cycle is extremely fast, and we've built tools to keep it that way. It's common to write code and have it running on the live site a few days later.
  • Product Management

    From Facebook to Mobile Applications and everything in between, we drive the conceptual and technical development of product initiatives from beginning to end. We collaborate with multiple teams throughout the company to deliver world-class products.
  • Business Development

    We're dedicated with social media and business strategy, so we spend our time creating strategic partnerships and working with some of the most exciting companies and brands.
  • Community Management

    6waves applications are all about connecting and sharing, and that's what we do with partners, developers and users all over the world. We're passionate about all things so we help people better understand the groundbreaking products and technologies the company's building.
  • Analytics & User Acquisition

    We leverage data to understand 6waves’ products and growth, identify opportunities for impact, and execute ideas with the product and engineering teams. We are obsessed with social media and use our knowledge to create great and innovative marketing strategies.